In the Financial Management Association, the Career Development focus has been created to provide members significant opportunities to advance in their careers beyond the classroom. While many members in the club will pursue a career in the Finance industry, Career Development offers general advice that can be applied to any field of work, and can help develop a students’ professional and networking skills.

Being a member of FMA, entitles you to some unique services related to career development. These include but are not limited to:
-A mock interview with real professionals and one-one-one feedback.
-Workshops with professionals on topics such as interviewing, resume writing, job seeking advice, etc.
-Company Tours with various companies across the Financial Industry (Insurance Companies, banks, Corporate, Real Estate, etc.)

Members are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to explore their true strengths and weaknesses then reach out to the Executive board and other members for help in developing key areas. At the end of the day, FMA hopes to obtain a reputation of developing confident and competent students who enter the job market with a significant ability to succeed.

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